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    Be sure to pay attention to these four points when installing stainless steel manhole covers

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    These four points must be paid attention to when installing stainless steel manhole covers:

    1. In order to keep the appearance of the stainless steel manhole cover, the surface pattern and the clear writing, the manhole cover should be covered with a thin iron sheet during the construction of the asphalt pavement or the cover surface should be brushed with waste engine oil to prevent the direct spray of asphalt oil on the manhole cover. In the construction of cement pavement, the well cover should be covered with plastic film to prevent the grout from staining the surface and damaging the pattern and writing on the surface. The surface of the stainless steel manhole cover can also be cleaned with water when the construction is finished that day.

    2. After the manhole cover is cast with concrete or asphalt is laid, the stainless steel manhole cover should be opened and cleaned in time to avoid pouring the inspection manhole cover and the well seat with mortar or asphalt, so as not to affect the opening in the future.

    3. The brick masonry construction of the manhole cover should be in accordance with the size of the manhole cover designed by the design institute to ensure its inner diameter or length×width and radius (if it is constructed according to the actual sample), it can also be implemented with reference to the corresponding standards.

    4. When installing the shaft on the pavement, use C25 concrete to cast a 20cm-thick ring beam on the brickwork of the well. Make sure to keep the shaft square solid, flat and not loose, and cast on the outer ring of the manhole cover with a different width. The concrete protection ring less than 40cm is reinforced with steel bars, and the maintenance period should be more than 10 days. When installing a manhole cover on an asphalt pavement, you must pay attention to avoiding the construction machinery from directly rolling the well seat. When casting the pavement as a whole, you should first reserve a hole slightly larger than the well seat on the pavement and install it after the asphalt is paved (all concrete pavement It should be installed after the second stone is laid and compacted) to ensure the quality of the well seat installation to extend the service life.



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