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    Resin manhole cover and cast iron manhole cover which is better

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    What composite materials are used for composite manhole covers? The editor of composite manhole cover manufacturers will analyze which composite materials are used for composite manhole covers:

    1. The composite manhole cover is made of fiber-reinforced thermosetting composite material with unsaturated polyester resin as the matrix, also known as bulk molding compound (DMC), which is made with compression molding technology and is a new type of environmentally friendly power cover.

    2. The composite manhole cover adopts high temperature and high pressure one-time compression molding technology, with high polymerization degree, high density, good impact resistance and tensile strength, and has the advantages of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, no rust, and maintenance-free.

    3. Features of composite manhole cover:

    ①The inside of the composite manhole cover is reinforced with mesh steel bars, and the key force-bearing parts are specially strengthened. In the event of an inevitable external impact, the pressure can be quickly dispersed to ensure the safety of people and vehicles.

    ②Without metal, the steel frame of the stone-plastic manhole cover and concrete manhole cover is less than 1/10 of the total weight of the manhole cover. There is not much value in theft. Moreover, due to the high strength of the manhole cover, it is difficult to remove this little steel bar from the manhole cover. Therefore, the thief does not steal.

    ③Inorganic magnesite composite manhole cover has high strength, low price and beautiful appearance. This product can be colored arbitrarily, is easy to install, maintain, and identify. Because it has no recycling value, it solves the problem of anti-theft. my country will gradually switch to composite manhole covers in the next three to five years, with huge market potential.

    ④Inorganic synthetic composite well cover. The manhole cover is made of new high-strength inorganic synthetic material and glass fiber composite. It is a mid-range manhole cover product.



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