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    The practical application value of composite manhole cover

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    As an item that can be seen everywhere in our lives, we are no strangers to manhole covers. With the development of China's modernization, the level of domestic science and technology is getting higher and higher, and there has also been a refined division of manhole cover products. Many manhole cover products are becoming more and more targeted and specialized in use. Today, the editor of the manhole cover manufacturer will take you to understand the practical application value of composite manhole covers:

    1. The inorganic magnesite composite manhole cover has high strength, low price and beautiful appearance. This product can be colored arbitrarily, is easy to install, maintain, and identify. Because it has no recycling value, it solves the problem of anti-theft. my country will gradually switch to composite manhole covers in the next three to five years, and the market potential is huge.

    2. Inorganic synthetic composite well cover. The manhole cover is made of new high-strength inorganic synthetic material and glass fiber composite. It is a mid-range manhole cover product.

    3. Its outstanding advantage is that it does not use steel frame reinforcement, but glass fiber composite reinforcement, which belongs to GRC type products. Therefore, it has the advantage of being unaffected under the current situation of rising steel prices. Because it does not contain a little iron, it is more anti-theft than stone plastic and fiber concrete manhole covers.

    4. Its curing speed is several times faster than fiber concrete. It can be demoulded in 8 hours. If it is produced in three shifts, it can be demoulded three times in 24 hours. Although the amount of mold is more than that of stone plastic, it is only about 1/6 of that of fiber concrete manhole cover. , Can also reduce mold investment. With an annual output of 10,000 sets of manhole covers, only 10 sets of molds are needed.



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